Device for measuring levels alcohol in the blood

ALCOHOOT is an ‏breathalyzer that connects to a smartphone. A supportive app shows the level of alcohol in the blood, allows you to order a taxi, and offers restaurants nearby.

In the product development, emphasis was placed on a clean and adapted design for the smartphone and on an efficient and convenient interface for the user.


ALCOHOOT has gained worldwide fame and recognition, and has been awarded important design awards including the prestigious REDDOT Award.


Meeting with the customer

When we received the ALCOHOOT project, we agreed that it was a brilliant idea – a product that answers a real problem. In order to produce a strong brand, the product must be characterized and a whole world of content built around it with the help of many questions such as why, for whom, etc. In order to analyze the target audience of the product – its essence must be understood. Which exists in their blood before they “get behind the wheel.” Hence this is a target audience that consumes alcohol and has a driver’s license.



We started by breaking down our general target audience into more defined audiences – concerned parents, responsible drivers, young “blazers” and owners of companies that provide vehicles to employees. Each audience was defined on a scale between “convinced” and “unconvinced”, consumer or user, we defined ages, occupations, hobbies, thoughts, aspirations and self-image, etc. We understood who the consumers were who would buy the product, no matter what it looked like, and who the consumers were for whom we were designing. We conducted comprehensive research – examined various sources of inspiration and conducted market research. We drew conclusions and sharpened our work brief.



From the conclusions of the study and the characteristics of the users, we created a number of different design concepts. We examined the living environment of the product and the form of its grip and use.



As part of the design process, we have developed a number of different configurations. Each is built according to a different mode of use and thus we examined the user interfaces and the form of use of the product. From these configurations and conclusions from this stage we proceeded to the process. The advanced design and the development stage


Development process

During the development of the alcohol, work was done on a number of sub-mechanisms – we developed a minimized air-blowing mechanism and designed a connection mechanism for the smartphone using the headphone jack by a smart algorithm. Using the existing jack significantly reduced the cost of the product. And the process of locating manufacturers, down to the level of designing a stable and controlled production line.



Production planning

At the end of the development process, a detailed design is made for production and a process for locating suitable manufacturers. We developed and designed rigid packaging, and made a limited first series for marketing purposes at the end of the process were located.

Designing Success

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    מה בתפריט?

    - מתן אפשרות לניווט ע״י מקלדת

    - הגדלת פונט האתר ל־5 גדלים שונים

    - עצירת אלמנטים נעים וחסימת הבהובים

    - שינוי ניגודיות צבעים על בסיס רקע כהה

    - שינוי ניגודיות צבעים על בסיס רקע בהיר

    - התאמת אתר לעיוורי צבעים

    - שינוי הפונט לקריא יותר

    - הגדלת הסמן ושינוי צבעו לשחור או לבן

    - הגדלת התצוגה לכ־200%

    - הדגשת קישורים באתר

    - הדגשת כותרות באתר

    - הצגת תיאור אלטרנטיבי לתמונות

    - הצהרת נגישות

    - שליחת משוב נגישות



    חרף מאמצנו לאפשר גלישה באתר נגיש עבור כל דפי האתר, יתכן ויתגלו דפים באתר שטרם הונגשו, או שטרם נמצא הפתרון הטכנולוגי המתאים. אנו ממשיכים במאמצים לשפר את נגישות האתר, ככל האפשר, וזאת מתוך אמונה ומחויבות מוסרית לאפשר שימוש באתר לכלל האוכלוסייה, לרבות אנשים עם מוגבלויות.

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