Hair straightening brush

Daphne is a start-up company that founded and founded a father and daughter, both engineers by profession. They opened in the garage of their home the company that developed the first ceramic brush. Product development was born out of a clear need – many people straighten their hair frequently, or regularly. The existing choice is between professional straightening at the hairdresser and the existing creaming creams. Professional skating is expensive for regular use, while skating with cream skates takes a long time and exposes the users at risk of burns.


Market research and target audience

Daphne’s brush was born as an idea of ​​the two to develop a product that uses the combing action to produce the smoothing. The combing action significantly shortens the straightening time compared to other hair straighteners. The developers came to Arkit with a prototype that illustrates the idea in order to turn it into a closed and complete product. The project required planning and engineering work, providing technical solutions along with brush design and developing a complete design language. We started the process by researching and understanding the hair products market and trends in the field. We examined different design languages, the users and their habits. We analyzed the grip, ergonomics and use



Concepts Designs

We formulated an accurate riff that included all the conclusions from the study, and with it we set out to begin development. The brush design process is done in parallel with the engineering development. The goal was to develop a unique and contemporary language compatible with the innovation in the product. We worked on a number of different usage configurations and created a number of design languages ​​using two- and three-dimensional sketches. We examined volumes, sizes and shapes of grip and use. Next, together with the customer, we chose the most appropriate design, one that conveys all the values ​​we have defined in advance.


The development processes

The brush has ceramic combing teeth, which conduct a uniform heat that smooth the hair from the root. During the engineering development we examined different and unique materials that withstand high temperatures and are optimal for the smoothing operation. We were looking for design solutions that would protect the scalp from direct heat and developed the combing teeth that are made of spring insulators. The insulators prevent direct contact with the scalp, and allow a soft and pleasant contact to the user. During the development we performed heat analyzes and examined all the different solutions.


Production planning

After the product was validated, we made a detailed design for production and built a stable production line. We located a factory that performs all the processes, and manages the subcontractors. At Arkit, we place emphasis on developing and accompanying the product until it reaches the off-the-shelf product. We accompanied Daphne throughout the development, including accompanying the final production process.


The straightening action combined with brushing is an innovative move that provides a convenient and quick solution for straightening hair. Daphne’s brush has gained wide media exposure, and is selling with great success around the world.

Designing Success

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