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Scans DNA Samples

DNR came to us at Arkit with the aim of developing and designing a system for biological testing. The existing systems on the market are large, complex and very expensive. The idea was to develop a system that allows for a focused selection of the functions with which it comes. The customer will choose the interchangeable components that will be used, a move that allows a significant reduction in the price of the product. He is given a choice of camera base, manually replaceable filters, different types of lighting, etc. Each of the systems he chooses is adapted to full use of the product, and allows a wide range of uses. The company wanted to produce a smaller product, significantly cheaper than competitors to small laboratories and will open it to a wider and larger market.


Extensive research

We examined the living environment of the product. We mapped the form of work in the laboratory, the main users and similar products in the field. We examined different design languages ​​alongside both complex and simple systems. We researched the users, understood the needs and also the problems and difficulties


Design concepts

The product that lives in a laboratory environment has a clean and clear basic language. The system needs to know how to integrate into an environment laden with various devices, and allow users to work efficiently and comfortably. We wanted to give the system a symmetrical, simple and flowing and clean look. Using two- and three-dimensional sketches, we examined different volumes, proportions and divisions.


Configuration selection

Configuration – To design a complex system that contains many interchangeable components we have created different usage configurations. Each configuration offered a different way of replacing parts and convenient and efficient use of the product. The selected configuration contained a top cover and alternating work bases


Development process

The system design included work on a variety of base types that allow for different tests. It must know how to fit any base, and allow for the most accurate result. As part of the development, work was done on complex optics, sensitive filters and various lighting. The system was designed for high-pressure injection – through a unique plastic design we allowed air to enter along with full opacity to light. We chose colors and textures that provide a solution to the sealing of the light and allow optical design with maximum precision. Next, we performed heat analyzes that allowed optimization for the temperature of the alternating bases


Production planning

At the end of the development process, a detailed planning system for production was made – we located suitable factories and subcontractors. Production and painting are done in China, and the assembly process in Israel. The product was validated after which the entire production line was designed.


Life Global, has acquired the system that has been widely used in many laboratories around the world.

Designing Success

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