Autonomous Plant Growing System

Cannabis growers consume expensive equipment alongside challenging cultivation of various varieties that require a lot of attention and limit the grower without the ability to move away from the crop.

LEAF addresses the changing plant conditions on a daily basis, both in terms of climate and food, offering optimal conditions for its growth to the maximize plants quality.

We wanted to make growing as simple as possible, and accessible to many.

LEAF is truly plug-n-plant, and with customizable climate control, automatic water-changes, nutrient-dosing, pH balancing and recipe creation and syncing, anyone can grow high-quality and high-potency cannabis

With innovative IoT capabilities the user can with the help of an app control 24 hours in all processes. Remote growth, receive updates, collect DATA (graphs and statistics).

Controlled by an app on your smartphone (iOS or Android), LEAF requires very little maintenance and does most of the work for you. All you need to do is plant some seeds, change the water weekly, and replace the company-provided nutrient cartridges and air filter every few months. Though it grows most things, it was designed for home growing medical and recreational marijuana (where it’s legal), ensuring that your medicine is free of chemicals and pesticides.





The unit is designed for the private grower in the home environment, so we chose to design it to be integrated in the home space, like products that already exist in this configuration alongside the functionality.

The technological innovation in this product is also conveyed in the design by the use of glass and a peripheral stainless-steel strip in the door handle and body.


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    - שינוי הפונט לקריא יותר

    - הגדלת הסמן ושינוי צבעו לשחור או לבן

    - הגדלת התצוגה לכ־200%

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